Buzz Fitness Testing

Fitness testing helps gather information about health & wellbeing as well as skills related aspects of ones sport.

Buzz Performance recommend an initial assessment and fitness test before commencing a training program or fitness regime.

Fitness tests can:

  • Help set goals

  • Determine training zones

  • Highlight strengths

  • Identify weaknesses

  • Assess progression

Fitness tests include:

  • Health screening

  • Sports science specific tests

  • Endurance tests

  • Speed, power & agility tests

  • Mobility & flexibility tests

Our most popular

fitness test is

the Functional

Threshold test

What you need:

  • drink
  • towel
  • cycling clothing
  • bike shoes or trainers
  • 60 minutes

Functional Threshold Test

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 45 to 60 minutes, depending on whether you’re a trained athlete or not. Regular assessments of your FTP give you an indication of whether you are improving your performance. The best way to measure your FTP is with a 20 minute test on a Wattbike.

Buzz Performance will take you through a FTP test and provide you with a report outlining your results, feedback on your performance, bike position and pedal stroke and bike specific training zones in power and heart rate.

We then make recommendations for how you can improve and can even create a personalised training program to provide with the information and sessions that you need to improve your performance.

Ready to

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