Fitness Timetable November & December 2018

Whether you are looking to maintain or further build your summer fitness, or start from scratch to get ready for winter the Buzz Performance November and December Timetable is ready to help you achieve your goals.

We are continually striving to be the best we can be, and we encourage everyone and anyone to join us in their quest to do the same.

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you. Our mixture of workouts will have you doing all the glorious things that exercise does… We continue to offer Spinning, Suspension Training, Body Conditioning and swimming sessions. These are workouts that have passed the test of time, proven to develop cardiovascular fitness, functional full body strength, flexibility, balance, stability and mobility.

Running for November & December we also have brand new “Circuit Training classes at the Cavern” which are tough workouts designed and delivered by experienced and professional trainers and coaches to help you maximise your workout time.

This is a perfect pre-winter 7 week block where you can push yourself to go that little bit harder and train a little bit more often. Then let the body adapt to its newfound strength & conditioning to take out to the slopes and beyond, with you performing better than ever in your chosen sport, hobby and everyday life.

Circuit Training at the Cavern “Pain Cave”

A workout not to be missed! Endurance and strength training through high intensity intervals with short work & rest periods. Each session is a little different and is an efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. We use a range of equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells, boxing gloves and more!

Spinning at the Mountain Rehab studio at L’Aiglon

A low impact, high energy indoor cycling class to burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness and tone muscles.

Suspension Training at the Mountain Rehab studio at L’Aiglon

A full body strength workout to increase your core strength, improve flexibility, and develop balance and strength.

Body Conditioning at the Mountain Rehab studio at L’Aiglon

A workout designed to develop functional strength & stability. Improve posture, balance and functional movements, strengthen stabilizing muscles to maximize injury prevention.

Swimming at the Morzine Pool

Swim sessions to develop endurance and speed as well having a continued focus on good technique to improve efficiency in the water.


MONDAY: 9.00 Circuit Training, 18.00 Suspension Training

TUESDAY: 9.00 Spinning, 10.15 Suspension Training, 18.00 Swimming

WEDNESDAY: 17.30 Body Conditioning, 19.00 Spinning

THURSDAY: 9.00 Suspension Training, 10.30 Spinning

FRIDAY: 9.00 Circuit Training



We have a range of pricing options… from multiclass passes and weekly packages to an unlimited offer. Please use our online booking system to take advantage of these special deals.

Because our classes have limited spaces it’s best to book online, but if you turn up and there is space there’s no reason you can’t join us. The drop-in price is 10€ per class.

November & December Special offers – valid November & December only

Book online to reserve your place

  • 5 classes per week 40€
  • 4 classes per week 34€
  • 3 classes per week 27€
  • Single class pass 10€

Multiclass Pass options – valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Book online to reserve your place

  • 30 class pass 285€
  • 20 class pass 200€
  • 15 class pass 165€
  • 10 class pass 120€
  • 5 class pass 65€

Drop in option – no bookings required, subject to availability on arrival

  • Per class 10€