From the Hive with Pro Triathlete Jake Birtwhistle

At 22 years of age this young triathlete has already finished on the podium at a World Triathlon Series event (2nd in Hamburg), been a Triathlon World Champion (U23 in 2015), been the Champion of Oceania, beaten Triathlon Champions Javier Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee in a French Grand Prix race that he won and was very unlucky to miss the Rio Olympics!

Meet Jake Birtwhistle. If you have any interest in Triathlon, you must remember the name!

Oh, and Jake is a born and bred Tasmanian, just like us! We kept a close eye on Jake when in Tasmania and could see his potential right from the start. Amelia and Jake actually shared a coach for a few years when Jake was just starting to make his mark in the sport.

Jake is now part of the Wollongong Wizards, training under Jamie Turner. Some of his fellow squad members include Olympic Gold medalist Gwen Jorgeson, and Olympic top 10 finishers Aaron Royle and Ryan Bailee.

Jake continues to work hard and is hoping to build on his outstanding performances in 2016. We would love to host Jake in Morzine and are doing all we can to get the young man out to Morzine soon!

Jakes Profile

Height: 183cm
Weight: 68kg
Age: 22
Birthday: 04/01/1995

10 Questions

Favourite Training session? Running 1km reps, or anything on the track, brings back good memories of my early days as a runner.

Favourite piece of kit? Hands down my bikes, my preference changes day to day so I couldn’t pick one but either my Factor One or O2.

Best part about being a pro triathlete? Getting to travel and see so much of the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore. There are few things that are as rewarding to me as heading out the door for a run or a ride in a new country or city and being able to roam.

Hardest part about being a pro triathlete? Probably spending so much time on the road, but that does always make you appreciate the time at home.

Who do you look up to? Craig Walton

Greatest accomplishment? My first World Tri Series podium, second at Hamburg 2016 or Winning the u23 world championships in 2015

Key to your success? Training hard.

What got you started? Good question. I watched the Devonport triathlon once when I was a young kid and wanted to do one ever since, roughly five years later I raced my first triathlon at 12 and I got hooked.

A younger version of Jake, no doubt performing well in Tasmania, as a junior.

What is the best advice you’ve been given? Trust in yourself.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? My dream career as a kid was to be an architect. I still think It would be the coolest thing to be driving around the city and seeing buildings that you designed.

Under 23 World Champion 2015, Chicago