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Training Zones

Training zones help structure your training and provide a guide for the intensity you should be training at during different sessions to meet your goals. Training zones can be calculated using a general formula or from fitness test results. Perceived effort is also very important.

Exercise Zones

Exercise zones, like training zones help structure an exercise plan and give you a guide for the intensity of work during exercise sessions. Working hard all the time is not always the best way to work towards fitness goals and we shouldn’t forget that the low intensity sessions are just as important.

Glute Activation

The Glutes are a large and importance muscle in exercise. When utilised correctly they can help control movement and assist technique as well as create and produce power.  Activation exercises help ensure they will be working hard for the rest of your workout.

Strength & Stability

Strength & stability lays solid foundations for functional movement. Having a strong core and being able to trigger the right muscles for movement allows one to move well and reduces the risk of injury.