Buzz Triathlon Training Sessions

Buzz triathlon experts Amelia and Joe have competed in, organised and watched countless triathlons, from club level through to international competitions over the past 20 years.

They will share their knowledge and skills with you to ensure you learn, improve and most importantly have a great time while doing so.

All Buzz training sessions can be adapted to suit any level of athlete.

Swim Sessions

Swim sessions at the pool focus on improving and perfecting swimming technique. Efficiency in the water is the most important aspect of successful swimming, so learn drills to reduce drag and increase propulsion in the water.

Swim sessions at the lake focus on open water and race skills. Practice drafting, sighting and swimming in a straight line as well as how to get your wetsuit off quickly!

Bike Sessions

Bike sessions are designed to develop your aerobic capacity and fitness while enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the alps.

Riding up hill develops your strength and fitness and when descending we focus on improving bike handling skills.

When out cycling the roads learn about gear selection & cadence and iteffects on pacing, cornering, turning, tactics, hydration and nutrition.

Run Sessions

Run sessions work on technique, fitness, strength and speed. Learn how to activate the critical muscles for your best run and how to hold good form when fatigued.


The important and often forgotten fourth leg of the triathlon, transitions need to be practiced to be perfected. Learn the best ways to mount and dismount your bike and do all the little things smoothly and quickly without any stress.

Brick sessions (combining swim, bike and run) help you be fully prepared for your next (or first) triathlon!!

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & conditioning sessions highlight the importance of stability to maximize performance.

Learn how to integrate simple exercises into your regular routine for long term benefits. 


Recovery is just as important, if not more important than training.

We offer advice and encourage you to use active recovery techniques to help you make the most of your training time.

We also provide advice on ways to stay injury free and manage your training around your other commitments such as work, school and friends and family.