Being the best she can BEE!

You have to respect people who:
1) make a concerted effort to take on challenges and have a genuine interest and desire to be the best they can be
2) have a desire to help others
3) actually do something about it
Liz Leyland is a Les Gets local who have a been a fantastic supporter of Buzz Performance over a number of years. She is a retired personal trainer with a variety of skills and interests.
Next week Liz has set herself a challenge! She has signed up for all 13 classes that Buzz Performance offer in a 5 day period. That means that Liz will attempt to complete 4 Spinning classes, 4 Suspension Training classes, 3 Swimming sessions, 1 Body Conditioning class and 1 Box and Spin class, along with her regular Pilates class with Georgie Kennington Pilates. So thats approxiamtely 14 hours of exercise across a 5 day period.
Liz is competing the challenge to raise awareness and funding for cancer research. Below is a note from Liz explaining a little more…..
Come and join Liz or make a donation through her link or in the form of cash at one of our classes next week.
Please get behind someone who is actively trying to make the world a better place!!!!!
With thanks, from Team Buzz
From Liz Leyland…..
“We are all probably aware that research is showing that living an active lifestyle helps to protect us against all sorts of diseases, including many cancers. As a community, we are all probably more active and fitter than average, but that will not give us 100% protection. We are now told that (in UK) 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer. In the 1970s only 25% of people survived their disease. Through research and developments it is now 50%. Researchers aim to increase that to 75% survival over the next 15 years. With of course continued research into prevention.
That is why I have chosen to support Cancer Research. It affects all of us.
I have committed to doing every Buzz Performance class on the calendar for the Week 1-5 April. That’s 4 hours of spinning, 4 hours of suspension training, 1 hour of body conditioning, 1 hour of Box/spin, and even 3 hours of swimming. (Those of you who know me know that I’m not exactly a water baby!) I’ll also do my regular 1 hour Pilates class..
Please use my Cancer Research fundraising page to make a donation, or simply bung some cash in the basket that I will be bringing along to every class I do.”