We have designed a collection of group training sessions that target the essential components of fitness. Our goal is to help you find a sustainable balance of training and recovery in a challenging and enjoyable environment.


The collation of sessions include a variety of carefully chosen exercises and training methods to improve each individuals balance, strength, power, flexibility, agility, speed, endurance, coordination, aerobic condition, posture and overall health.

See our timetable for group sessions

Our in person classes are held most days, we have morning, lunchtime and evening sessions.

Our online sessions are available live and on playback, in our private facebook group, to suit all schedules and time-zones.

You'll notice that our program incorporates some

  • resistance training
  • interval training
  • circuit training
  • cardio
  • functional strength
  • callisthenics
  • plyometrics
  • high intensity
  • stretching

and most importantly

  • recovery and conditioning

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey or pushing towards your summit, our collection of group sessions can help you make progress, move better, feel better, be stronger, faster, go further and reach new heights.

Group Sessions:


An indoor cycling interval session with mixed intensities

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Suspension Training

A balanced, full body functional strength workout using TRX equipment

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Body Conditioning

A low impact full body conditioning, mobility and stability workout

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A full body, functional strength and conditioning workout

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High Intensity Interval Training. A full body workout with intervals of high intensity

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A freestyle focused coached swim session

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Not sure about what sessions are right for you?

We would love to chat with you about the different sessions we offer and what we would recommend for you

After taking part in the Buzz Montriond triathlon in 2018 I got hooked and the team at Buzz have been key in coaching me along the way. Through tailored training programmes, online classes, swim sessions and group cycling in the summer they have taught me so much. I would highly recommend the whole team at Buzz Performance.
Amy Bezant
Buzz fitness online is keeping me focused on the upcoming Tri season. Strength and body conditioning have paid such an important part of my triathlon training. Although I hate some of the exercises I know they give me the best results. I also like not knowing what exercise is coming up next, it’s always a surprise.
Elly Sykes
Buzz Performance provide a great range of exercise classes, programmes, and coaching. The classes are suitable for all abilities: Every one is always made very welcome and the instructors readily adapt to individual needs. They are all professional, knowledeable and fun!
Liz Leyland