J'ai passé les trois derniers hivers à suivre des séances de physiothérapie avec Joe pour m'aider à maintenir et à renforcer ma condition physique de base. Les sessions sont structurées et très bien menées, tout en étant amusantes et enrichissantes. Travailler avec Joe a été formidable, et son attention aux détails est parfaite. Je ne saurais trop le recommander. Je reviendrai m'entraîner dès que la vie normale reprendra ! Merci, Joe et l'équipe Buzz.
Justin Page
Joe, Amelia and the BUZZ team were instrumental in helping me get back to the level of strength and fitness that I required for my ski instructor training. I spent about 18 months with Joe as my trainer and loved every minute of it. The time and effort he put into my program was spot on ensuring that everything was tailored to my personal needs and goals. Along with the personal sessions, the BUZZ group classes were brilliant. Always friendly but more importantly the level of professionalism was very high exuding quality which was very important for me. I even started swimming classes towards the end of my time in Les Gets with Amelia which was brilliant. Her depth of knowledge and experience shone through and got the best out of all of us. 18 months on now in the UK, and I am still following their classes, have still retained (most of) my fitness and would always recommend them over anyone else offering similar activity. Such a lovely team working tirelessly to encourage people to get fitter, stronger and feel full of life. Thanks.
Duncan Byrant
Amelia and Joe are fitness professionals offering a wealth of knowledge for all levels of fitness. When I met Amelia, I had just had my 2 children in close succession and was weak and unfit and wanted to get fit again. I have attended a range of their classes such as body conditioning, core, TRX, spinning which are always perfectly adapted to be just challenging enough for all levels without being intimidating. Amelia has written training programmes for me for all of the events I have done since then and I have gone from doing a sprint triathlon to finish it to being competitive in larger half-ironman events. I feel fit and strong and can take part in a range of sporting events and adventures and Amelia is still always there fitting my training around my family and work life and I always do better than I imagine thanks to her support and expertise. I highly recommend their classes, courses, holidays and coaching packages!
Helen Watts
Still loving the classes in Lockdown 3! I haven’t worked much over the last year so they’ve been a huge part of a new daily routine that keeps me healthy and sane. Thinking back to Lockdown 1, I struggled to manage even the straight arm flutters in Amelia’s class - I’m sooo much stronger now. It was evident on our hike up and down muddy hills in the UK yesterday; I was grateful for my now strong stabilising muscles keeping me upright for 6 hours! I also ran further than I’ve ever run last week :)
Kellie Duckworth
I've spent the past 3 winters having PT sessions with Joe to help maintain and build my core fitness. The sessions are structured and very well delivered, as well as being fun and rewarding. Working with Joe has been great, and his attention to detail is spot on. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I will be back training once normal life resumes! Thank you, Joe and Team Buzz.
Justin Page
Thanks Buzz for your wonderful online classes! It's been incredible how much my overall strength has improved in just a few weeks; not to mention my new understanding of the muscle groups and techniques to get me there. Doing the classes when suits me is a real winner and knowing you're there to offer any help and professional advice if I need it is a great support. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
Susie Townsend
Joe Amelia and team Buzz are our fitness Super Stars! They are motivational, funny, caring, supportive and inspirational. Over this last bizarre year they have kept us going with the outdoor activities where possible and the weekly programme of Online classes. The classes are so well designed meaning that everyone, whatever level can join in and get real benefit. We cannot wait for the Hive to open, it is going to be amazing, not only due to the fantastic facilities and programmes on offer but mostly because of this great team.
Liz & Roger Leyland
The team at Buzz have kept me training throughout the last year. Their online classes are a great way to see a friendly face and get you moving and motivated, any time of the day. They are all inspirational coaches, and certainly helped me achieve many goals (and cols). Looking forward to many more great times in 2021 with them.
Phyllis Ryan
Professional coaches running a super friendly sports performance business. From elite athletes to beginners, the Buzz team have time for everyone. Over the last three years, whether I’ve been in Morzine or through on line sessions, my performance and consistency has improved dramatically through both coached group sessions and 1 to 1 guidance covering fitness, nutrition and race strategies. Simply the best team and I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!!
Phil Sykes
The online programme from Buzz has been fantastic at keeping me motivated throughout the challenges of the last year. The flexibility to do the classes on demand as well as live has allowed me to be more consistent in my training. The variety of classes, and the supportive and inclusive approach has been great.
Kristina Wilton
I've been training for triathlon races up to Ironman 70.3 distance with Buzz' coaching for four years now and have seen steady year-over-year improvements in my performance and haven't had a single injury! The training schedule is tailored to the quirks in my weekly schedule and is varied enough to stay fun and motivating. I'm looking forward to more race seasons with Amelia's coaching :)
Brecht Gossele
5 star company with fantastic, knowledgable trainers. They offer a wide range of classes and make training informative and fun for all levels. They make it easy to improve and stay motivated regardless of whether you are just starting off on your fitness journey or trying to hone your skills for your next Iron Man! Highly recommended.
Paddy Swan
Joe, Amelia and all of their team are great at what they do. I am not sure I would have survived lockdown without the training plan and online classes. The triathlon training is amazing and I have even learnt to swim! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get fitter through to experienced athletes seeking to improve.
Mark Connolly
After taking part in the Buzz Montriond triathlon in 2018 I got hooked and the team at Buzz have been key in coaching me along the way. Through tailored training programmes, online classes, swim sessions and group cycling in the summer they have taught me so much. I would highly recommend the whole team at Buzz Performance.
Amy Bezant
Great coaching!! If you want to reach a next level Amelia is a good guide
Erik Doesburg
Highly recommend Buzz Performance coaching programs, I am into my 4th season as a 48 year old Triathlete and i am continuing to improve and remain injury free with the progressive and holistic training style they offer.
Pia Austin
Amelia is the best personal trainer I have ever had! She always mixes her sessions up and is so good at helping you reach your goal. She is so knowledgable and always makes sure your doing everything correctly to prevent any injury. I would highly recommend her for any level beginner to professional.
Amy Ross
Over several months, Amelia has guided me through simple postpartum exercises to help strengthen abdominal muscles as well as other major muscle groups. Her sessions are meticulously planned and focussed. Without hesitation, I would recommend Amelia as a personal trainer.
Joanne Cooper
Buzz fitness online is keeping me focused on the upcoming Tri season, it’s only 17 weeks to IM 70.3 Mallorca Strength and body conditioning have paid such an important part of my triathlon training. Although I hate some of the exercises ( plank to push up) I know they give me the best results. I also like not knowing what exercise is coming up next, it’s always a surprise.
Elly Sykes
Amelia has been my coach since August 2018. As an average age grouper athlete in 2019 I found myself on the podium and then qualified for a GBR age group place. This had never happened previously! I put this success and improvement down to Amelia giving me a focus each day. Her straight forward approach to coaching has given me the strength to not only complete the goals I set but to exceed my expectations. Thank you Amelia. I could not have done it without you.
Anna Wedgewood
Amelia succeeds in being both accommodating and no-nonsense in her approach to coaching and training programs are straightforward, informed and effective. I have become hooked on the online classes with the entire team for the same reason and look forward to being able to join some of the group rides and sessions again next summer.
Asta Parker
Buzz Performance provide a great range of exercise classes, programmes, and coaching. The classes are suitable for all abilities: Every one is always made very welcome and the instructors readily adapt to individual needs. They are all professional, knowledeable and fun!
Liz Leyland