As coaches with a wealth of knowledge, we create individualised training programs tailored to your goals. A set program is a way of improving the effectiveness of your training. It gives you guidance and support when you need it most.

Who are our coaches and trainers?

We are proud to have highly educated and experienced coaches working with Buzz at the Hive and beyond. Read more about our coaches at Our Team .

“What is really interesting about using the program from Amelia is that you’re not just training on heart rate and pacing alone but there is an importance on feeling which makes your base stronger and the chance of injuries less. I improved so much and it's still increasing. I trained for 3 years with different trainers but this is completely different. And it's working. This year I will be training for an Ironman triathlon thanks to the approach of Amelia.”

Erik Doesburg

Our philosophy

We are positive, enthusiastic and passionate coaches and use our knowledge and expertise to combine cardiovascular training, functional strength training, nutrition and recovery to help every athlete be the best that they can be.

Doing simple well is the foundation for our success. We achieve maximum progress by placing an emphasis on using good technique, following progressive training principles, developing and improving skills, controlling the consistency, duration and intensity of training sessions, as well as emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.

How we work

Using the online program Training Peaks, we create training plans on a web-based calendar, track your progress, analyse training data and provide feedback.

We welcome regular contact with your coach to help you get the most out of your training program.

Reviewing your history before designing a training program is paramount to your success. This allows us to build a solid foundation so we are confident your are ready for a progressive program to produce your personal results.

Personalised training plans are created on the basis of your needs and goals, taking into account any injuries or health concerns

  • Buzz Bronze
  • Designed for athletes that want a structured program knowing their progress is being tracked
  • MonitoringCoach monitors your plan
  • ReviewsAthlete makes note of any changes to prescribed program
  • FeedbackThrough Training Peaks or messaging platforms on monthly basis
  • CommunicationMessaging platforms for urgent communication
  • TestingFitness testing within program to establish training zones and track progress
  • VODAccess to our online resources
  • 69€ per month

  • Buzz Silver
  • Perfect for athletes who want a structured program with regular coach support and guidance
  • MonitoringCoach monitors your plan and adds post workout comments when necessary
  • ReviewsCoach makes regular reviews and adjustments to program
  • FeedbackShort monthly or longer bi/tri monthly connect
  • CommunicationRegular contact through messaging platforms
  • TestingFitness testing within program to establish training zones and track progress
  • VODAccess to our online resources
  • 99€ per month

  • Buzz Gold
  • Ideal for athletes who want a fully customised program with regular coach feedback, support & guidance
  • MonitoringCoach monitors your plan and adds regular feedback on workouts
  • ReviewsCoach makes weekly review and adjustments to program
  • FeedbackShort weekly connect or longer monthly connect
  • CommunicationRegular contact through messaging platforms
  • TestingFitness testing within program to establish training zones and track progress
  • VODAccess to our online resources
  • 159€ per month

Let’s connect

To commence the process of working together we invite you to book a consultation with one of our coaches.

Professional coaches running a super friendly sports performance business. From elite athletes to beginners, the Buzz team have time for everyone. Whether I’ve been in Morzine or through on line sessions, my performance and consistency has improved dramatically through both coached group sessions and 1 to 1 guidance. Simply the best team and I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Phil Sykes
I've been training for triathlon races up to Ironman 70.3 distance with Buzz' coaching for four years now and have seen steady year-over-year improvements in my performance and haven't had a single injury! The training schedule is tailored to the quirks in my weekly schedule and is varied enough to stay fun and motivating. I'm looking forward to more race seasons with Amelia's coaching :)
Brecht Gossele
Highly recommend Buzz Performance coaching programs, I am into my 4th season as a 48 year old Triathlete and i am continuing to improve and remain injury free with the progressive and holistic training style they offer.
Pia Austin
Amelia has been my coach since August 2018. As an average age grouper athlete in 2019 I found myself on the podium and then qualified for a GBR age group place. This had never happened previously! I put this success and improvement down to Amelia giving me a focus each day. Her straight forward approach to coaching has given me the strength to not only complete the goals I set but to exceed my expectations. Thank you Amelia. I could not have done it without you.
Anna Wedgewood
Amelia succeeds in being both accommodating and no-nonsense in her approach to coaching and training programs are straightforward, informed and effective. I have become hooked on the online classes with the entire team for the same reason and look forward to being able to join some of the group rides and sessions again next summer.
Asta Parker

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Personal Training

1 to 1 or small groups with tailored workouts and programs targeted towards your goals

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Here you will find up to date days and times for our group training sessions in Morzine and online.

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High Intensity Interval Training. A full body workout with intervals of high intensity

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A freestyle focused coached swim session

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An indoor cycling interval session with mixed intensities

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Suspension Training

A balanced, full body functional strength workout using TRX equipment

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Body Conditioning

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