Group Training Timetable


  • 9.00 Suspension Training (TRX) - Hive Studio
  • 10.30 Spin - Hive Studio
  • 18.00 Strength - Hive Gym


  • 9.00 Spin - Hive Studio
  • 12.15 Strength - Hive Gym
  • 18.00 Spin - Hive Studio
  • 19.00 Strength - Hive Gym


  • 17.45 HIIT - Hive Studio or Gym
  • 19.00 Yoga - Hive Studio


  • 9.00 Strength - Hive Gym
  • 18.00 Suspension Training (TRX) - Hive Gym


  • 9.00 Suspension Training (TRX) - Hive Studio
  • 14.30 Swim Squad - Morzine Pool
Group training

Our group sessions are held throughout the year. The timetable changes seasonally and this is the current class timetable.

You can book your place using BSport.  Here you’ll be able to see how many spaces are left in each class. Once your account is created we recommend downloading and using the app for making all of your reservations.

For more about our group sessions read on here.

More coaching & training:

Training Programs

Our personalised training programs are about creating a plan that will take you forward, with accountability, focus and determination

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Personal Training

1 to 1 or small groups with tailored workouts and programs targeted towards your goals

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A low impact, high value workout to strengthen the core muscles for your body to work in harmony

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High Intensity Interval Training. A full body workout with intervals of high intensity

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A freestyle focused coached swim session

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An indoor cycling interval session with mixed intensities

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Suspension Training

A balanced, full body functional strength workout using TRX equipment

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Body Conditioning

A low impact full body conditioning, mobility and stability workout

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A full body, functional strength and conditioning workout

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