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As coaches with a wealth of knowledge about cycling, we create individualised training programs tailored to your cycling goals.

The program will be personalised and progressive and targeted towards achieving your goals.

A set program is a way of improving the effectiveness of your training.  It gives guidance and support when you need it most. A positive strategy can lead to you becoming the best you can be.

Having previously done very little cycling, I had a crazy idea of signing up for the étape in 2016. I soon realized I needed help, a lot of help.

I had never even been into a gym before, so I followed the programme word for word and it paid off. A mixture of spinning and TRX classes, and weekly sessions on the turbo at home soon had me flying up the mountains.

I can’t recommend theses guys enough. The training program is fun and easy to follow and really does work……..Relax into the pain and enjoy the progress.

– Russ Price

  • Using the online program Training Peaks, we create training plans on a web-based calendar, track your progress, analyse training data and provide feedback.
  • We welcome regular contact with your coach to help you get the most out of your training program.
  • We are positive, enthusiastic and passionate coaches and use our triathlon knowledge and expertise to combine cardiovascular training, functional strength training, nutrition and recovery to help every athlete be the best that they can be.
  • Doing simple well is the foundation for our success. We achieve maximum progress by placing an emphasis on using good technique, following progressive training principles, developing and improving skills, controlling the consistency, duration and intensity of training sessions, as well as emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.
  • Reviewing areas for significant improvement before designing a training program is paramount to an athlete’s success. This allows us to build a solid foundation so we are confident each athlete is ready for a progressive program to produce his or her personal results.
  • Personalised training plans are created on the basis of your needs and goals, taking into account any injuries or health concerns.

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