Buzz Personalised Fitness Plans


Buzz can help you reach your personal goals making best use of your environment, facilities & opportunities.

Whether you are training specifically for a sports event, returning to exercise after starting a family or new job, or wanting to feel better doing the gardening and house chores, we can assist you.

Be inspired & motivated to achieve personal goals

INCREASE Fitness, STRENGTHEN & TONE your body, FEEL more energised, LOSE weight, PUT an end to aches & pain

Our philosophy is simple, be the best you can bee

We are positive, enthusiastic and passionate coaches and use our knowledge and expertise in sport, fitness and human movement to combine cardiovascular training, functional strength training, nutrition and recovery to help every client be the best that they can be.

If all of that sounds a bit technical for you, basically we can tailor make a program to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Providing our clients with the tools and experiences to develop a functionally sound body is a high priority. We achieve this by placing an emphasis on using good technique, following progressive training principles, developing and improving skills, controlling the consistency, duration and intensity of training sessions, as well as emphasising the importance of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.


Initial Consultation

  • An initial consultation allows us to determine your goal.
  • When we meet we talk about your goals and about a time frame that’s realistic to meet that goal.
  • Given the uniqueness of each client, initial assessments allow us to effectively analyse the client then use our tools and expertise to design a personalised plan to meet your individual needs.

Unique Training Plan

  • Once a goal is understood, it is our job to provide you with the strategies, encouragement, and tools to get efficient results.
  • As educated & qualified coaches, you can rest assured that the plan we create specifically for you will be safe and effective.

Work Towards Your Goals

  • We cannot guarantee results; it is up to you to be honest & accountable.
  • We will encourage and assist you along the way but the motivation for success needs to come from you. 

Check in

  • We encourage regular contact with out clients to ensure the plan is working. Whether you are attending classes and sessions or out doing it on your own.
  • We like to be involved with your journey and keep track of your progress.

Amend Plan When Necessary

  • The programs are individually designed to be progressive. Everyone progresses at different rates so it is important to make amendments when necessary.
  • By following the plan we hope that one day you will be jumping as high as the mountains!

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