Over the last 12 months the importance of sport and fitness for a healthy and happy life has become all the more apparent. We are more determined than ever to provide our clients with outstanding experiences and we are working with all of the guidelines and recommendations to ensure we can provide a Covid safe environment to deliver all of the great services that we offer. Safety has always been one of our top priorities and this next phase of the journey will be no exception.

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the Hive is not only a state of the art facility, but also a Covid-safe environment for everyone. We assure you that we are are complying with all of the procedures and protocols and going above and beyond to provide you with a hygienic environment.

The information here will help to answer any of your questions or concerns ahead of visiting, and ensure you can focus on your training.


What have we done to make the Hive Safe? 

From the conception we have developed strong Safety & Hygiene Measures within the construction of the complex.  

  • A VMC system provides clean, temperature controlled air flow 24/7 
  • A hands free entry system to eliminate touching surfaces
  • Hands free soap dispensers and censored taps for washing hands
  • Water fountain for filling bottles 


General Covid protocols

We have implemented all recommended procedures to provide a safe environment. 

  • Limited numbers in the gym and classes
  • Tracking system for all visitors
  • Enforcing the wearing of masks
  • Strategic scheduling to minimize number of people
  • No contact training and no equipment sharing training sessions
  • Equipment spaced out to provide separation between users
  • Limited use of showers and locker room facilities
  • Regular and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of regularly touched surfaces
  • Providing cleaning products throughout the facility for use on equipment
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, hand wash readily available
  • Visible signage at the facility to remind everyone of best hygiene practices
  • A strict stay at home policy for anyone exhibiting symptoms
  • Any other measures required to follow all national and local health department guidelines


Covid Policy

We are committed to you receiving the service that you purchase

  • Our gym memberships will only commence when the facility can open
  • You can purchase your subscription now, but it will only be activated on the day of the official opening
  • If the gym is closed due to covid, members have the option to pause their membership)

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