Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to focus on your fitness goals. Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or just feel better in your skin, exercise is an essential part of your summer fitness routine. 

But why is it so important to complete a variety of exercises when working out? In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of varying your workout routine and how it can help you achieve your summer fitness goals.

Benefits of Completing a Variety of Exercises

When it comes to fitness, variety is key. Completing various exercises helps you work different muscle groups, prevent injury, and avoid boredom. Here are some of the critical benefits of mixing up your workout routine:

You Work Different Muscle Groups

By completing a variety of exercises, you can work different muscle groups and avoid overworking one specific area. This helps you build overall strength and improve your fitness level.

Prevents Injury

Overworking one specific muscle group can lead to injury. Mixing up your routine gives your muscles time to rest and recover, reducing the risk of injury, as you don’t put excess stress on one part of your body.

You Can Avoid Boredom

Doing the same workout routine day after day can get incredibly boring. By switching things up, you keep your workouts interesting and challenging, which can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Examples of Exercises to Add Variety to Your Workout

Now that you understand the benefits of completing various exercises let’s explore some examples of workouts that you can add to your routine to mix things up.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio is an essential part of any workout routine. Mix it up by trying different types of cardio, such as running, cycling, or swimming. You can also incorporate HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts for a more challenging cardio workout.

You can do HIIT training when riding a bike, running, or even with bodyweight exercises. Start with a lower time intensity ratio if you’re new to HIIT. For example, do 30 seconds of work followed by 60 seconds of rest. As you become more comfortable with HIIT, you can increase the intensity and decrease the rest periods.

It is best to progress gradually. As you get stronger and fitter, you can gradually increase the intensity and duration of your HIIT workouts. However, it’s important not to push yourself too hard too quickly to avoid injury.

Strength Training Exercises

Strength training is a great way to build muscle and improve your overall fitness level. Add variety to your strength training routine by using free weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges.

You can do strength training in the gym or at home. You can achieve great results when working out at home with bodyweight exercises and a small collection of fitness equipment.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises, like yoga or stretching, can help improve your range of motion and reduce the risk of injury. Incorporate these exercises into your routine for a well-rounded workout. Why not take a yoga class once a week to help with your flexibility?

Tips for Sticking to Your Varied Workout Routine

It’s one thing to know the benefits of completing a variety of exercises. Still, it’s another thing to stick to a routine. Here are some tips for staying committed to your varied workout routine:

Set Realistic Goals

Start small and set realistic goals for yourself. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts as you become more comfortable.

If you choose a goal that is too big, you may underestimate the effort and time it takes to get there. Therefore, it’s much better to start with a smaller goal and become more ambitious as your fitness improves.

However, you may want to focus on an event. This is a great way to stay motivated, as you know that you’ll need to put the work in to complete a race such as a triathlon.

Mix Up Your Routine

Plan different workouts for each day of the week to keep things interesting. For example, you can do cardio on Mondays, strength training on Wednesdays, and flexibility exercises on Fridays.

Alternatively, why not jump on the bike occasionally, rather than go for a run, to keep your workouts interesting.

Stay Accountable

Find a workout buddy or join a fitness class to stay accountable and motivated. You can also use fitness apps to track your progress and set reminders for your workouts.

Get A Professional To Create A Plan For You

A professional can create a workout plan for you, which provides several benefits. Firstly, they can use their expertise and experience to tailor your plan to your needs and goals. This means you can work out efficiently to reach your goals in less time.

In addition to this, a professional can fine-tune your workouts to ensure you don’t overdo it or ramp up when necessary.

For more information on staying on track, check out our blog on how to set goals and stick to them.

Mix It Up To Reach Your Summer Fitness Goals

Completing a variety of exercises is essential for achieving your summer fitness goals. Mixing up your routine and incorporating different workouts allows you to work on other muscle groups, prevent injury, and avoid boredom. Use these tips to stay committed to your varied workout routine and see the results you want this summer.

If you are struggling with your fitness goals and motivation, contact us to see how we can help you to get to where you want to be.


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