Buzz Triathlon Coach

Buzz Triathlon expert Amelia Pearson designs a training schedule to help you improve your fitness and technique but it is the interaction with the skilled coach that will inspire you to achieve even more than you thought possible.

Amelia, an athlete known for her strength across all disciplines, knows what it takes to get the most out of herself. She places a large importance on performing sport & exercise with good technique and has applied this to her coaching philosophy.

Amelia is a Triathlon Australia Performance trained Coach and has the French Carte Professionelle Educator Sportif for Triathlon so you can rest assured that your coach is fully qualified, registered and insured. She has a Bachelor degree in Education and a wealth of experience as an athlete. Amelia has retired from racing herself, and now concentrates on helping others in a sport she is truly passionate about.

Amelia has worked with some amazing coaches including Australian successes Darren Smith, Craig Walton, Craig Redman, Bill Daveron and Brett Sutton.

Amelia & Joe live in Morzine year round and Amelia is the head coach for the local triathlon club Tri Montagne. She also works with local athletes and past guests, creating personalised programs for them to continue to strive to be the best they can be in their chosen sports.

During a stay with Buzz, Amelia & Joe will share their knowledge and love of the area & triathlon and pass on many tips to ensure you learn, improve and most importantly have a great time.

You can read more about Amelia & Joe at Our Story.