Swim better without using Google!

Deep down, we all know that the only way that we will ever reach our full potential when swimming is to improve our technique. Most of us would love to swim better, yet we have resided to the fact that we will never swim faster than we already do. We tell ourselves that the faster swimmers are blessed with talent or have been swimming since birth. Why do we feel this way? Is it because we have already tried every drill we could find on the internet? Is it because we have listened to the advice of faster swimmers and even coaches, who have given us tips and told us to stick with it and it will all click one day?

If you are feeling this way, then we about to share a secret that will change how you swim forever. It will require some effort, but you will not look back, it’s just 3 steps!


Step 1: Find a coach who has a proven track record. Do some research and find out if they have had success with others and not just one or two. A good swimming coach who knows what they are doing will have many success stories. Look at the people they are coaching and their strokes.

Step 2: Find the time to work with a good coach consistently. Doing one session will probably lead to some improvement, however, chances are the very next time you swim you will go straight back into swimming with the same bad habits that you have been working on for years. Weekly sessions for 6 to 8 weeks, or 6-8 sessions in a short space of time is a good time frame to develop new good habits and lose old bad habits.

Step 3: Continue to work on your skills every time you swim. Seek feedback from the coach when possible and work at your weaknesses.

Obviously steps 2 and 3 can’t happen without step 1 and step 1 can’t happen if you can’t find a good coach in your area! It just so happens that Buzz Performance can kick start this process for you.


Our head coach Amelia, is both and accomplished swimmer and swim coach. Amelia has trained and coached alongside some of the world best triathletes and swim coaches. Her first swimming coach Vic Walton coached numerous world champions including arguably triathlon’s best ever swimmer Craig Walton. Throughout her career as an athlete, Amelia also spent time swimming under multiple Olympic gold medalists Grant Hackett’s coach Dennis Cotterell. Her long time coach was one of Triathlon Australia’s longest serving and popular high performance figures Craig Redman. Amelia also worked with one of the world’s leaders in swimming performance coaching Wayne Goldsmith. Her results speak for themselves, achieving regular top 3 swim times in professional races, quite the fastest.

After finishing her career as an athlete, Amelia has spent the past 6 years honing her skills as a coach. Spending time at the Australian National Development Camp in 2012 and being mentored by one of triathlons most successful coaching Darren Smith for the past 4 years. In April this year Amelia will  spend a week in Majorca working with another of triathlon’s respected coaches Brett Sutton.

Rest assured, choose Buzz Performance for your next triathlon holiday and you’ll significantly increase your swimming knowledge. At Buzz, we utilise underwater cameras. We look at every swimmer individually and provide feedback on a 1 to 1 basis. We then provide drills and training ideas  that can be utilized in every session after you return home.

Our first swim specific week will commence on 29 May this year, check out our website for further details. www.buzztriathlon.com