swimming is good for you

Swimming is a great workout. Morzine is a top place for swimming. The pool complex has a 25m indoor and a 50m outdoor pool, great additional pools for babies and children plus separate sauna areas. All the pools have stunning views of the surrounds.

Buzz’s swim coach Amelia Pearson started swimming as a baby. “I was born and raised in Ulverstone, Tasmania Australia. Back home, swimming lessons and swim club are Morzine’s equivalent to ski school & ski club. I loved competing in surf lifesaving and triathlon. I am now a huge fan of swimming to keep up my health & fitness.”

Amelia passes on her knowledge and skills to others and is currently offering group sessions on Fridays and private lessons by appointment at the Morzine pool.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you should swim.


  1. Swimming is a total body cardiovascular workout.

It’s no secret that swimming burns calories. It engages every part of your body, from the fingertips to the toes. You’re constantly moving your arms, using your core, kicking your legs and trying to breathe, at what seems like all at the same time. Buzz swim sessions work on making the swim stroke simpler. If breathing is an issue for you, this is one of the many things we work on during our swim improvers sessions.


  1. Swimming simultaneously builds strength and fitness.

While swimming is typically considered an aerobic form of exercise, the water provides resistance helping build strength at the same time. The movement of swimming stretches the body. It’s multitasking at it’s best. Buzz sessions are carefully planned to combine different intensities and rest periods to make sure you swim with good technique and make maximum fitness gains.


  1. Swimming is an excellent low impact workout.

The water gives you buoyancy and therefore alleviates stress on the joints. If you’re skiing a lot, lifting weights, running, hiking or spending a lot of time on your feet, you can build your fitness without putting more stress on your body. However, if you feel like you sink when you swim you’re not alone. In our Buzz Swim Squad and Swim Improvers sessions we are always doing drills and using equipment such as a pull buoy to help improve your body position in the water.


  1. Swimming can be great motivation for other training.

Swimming is a total body workout. But if you want to take your swimming up a notch, improving body strength outside the pool can have a huge benefit. We recommend sessions like suspension training, body conditioning and strength in the gym to round out a great exercise regime.

swimming is good for you

The swim squad takes in some coaching instructions

*Bookings for our group swim sessions can be made on BSPORT and sessions go ahead with a minimum of 5 participants. There are 2 groups; swim improvers and swim squad. Not sure which group to join? Ask Amelia

*For private lessons please contact info@buzzperformance.com

*Bookings for strength sessions can also be made through BSPORT and you can email us for any personal training enquiries.

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